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To Increase Productivity…Make Your Work Place Funner – A Call Center CFO’s Perspective

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That’s right.  Funner is a word.  Because I say so.   

We read a lot about having fun in the work place.  There are some rules however, or the fun is vapid and shallow.

Rule Number One:  The fun must work within your company culture and business model.  Not all companies can experience fun in the same way.  If you work in a bank, where transactions must be under camera, then Fun Hat Day just won’t work.  So, think it through and make sure it doesn’t interfere.

Rule Number Two:  If excellence in the work place is not mandatory, then the fun stuff won’t be half as fun.  Think about it.

Rule Number Three:  Let employees come up with ideas for fun stuff to do.  Most companies these days have at least three generations of workers — all with different ideas.  Come up with ideas and then do them.

Rule Number Four:  The fun must work within your company culture.  See Rule Number One.

Rule Number Five:  See Rule Number Two — this cannot be stressed enough.

Here are some fun ideas – remember not all will be practical in all companies, but this might help get your brain juices going:

Funny Hat Day — let employees vote on who had the funniest hat then reward that person.  What’s the reward?  Why, the resident Sock Monkey of course.  The winning employee gets to proudly display the Sock Monkey on his/her desk/cubicle until the next fun contest when someone else wins that privilege.

Funny Shirt Day – again the employees vote on who has the funniest shirt and the winner gets to display the resident Sock Monkey!  Break-time Bubble Blowing Contest – this one is really fun!

 Donuts — every one likes donuts, even people on diets like donuts.  They might not eat one in front of you, but you can rest assured that while they nosh from the fruit platter alongside the donut box, they will be fantasizing that their apple is a chocolate iced cake donut with sprinkles.

Mystery Riddle Game — this is where you hide clues in easily found places that employees have to solve in order to find…the hidden resident Sock Monkey!  (This one is a lot of fun!)

You can even introduce fun into certain tasks — make a race out of certain tasks.  Whoever wins, gets bragging rights, and sign on their desk/cubicle:  World’s Fastest Filer, or World’s Fastest Typist, or World’s Best Charleston Dancer…you get the picture.

I have been responsible for a number of items on this list and some not on this list.  I won’t tell which ones.  I can give you a hint:  Silly is good.  The most fun things to do at work more closely resemble Pin the Tail on the Donkey than they do a game of chess.  So think silly, think fun, get ideas and go to it.

Just remember the rules.  And have fun….hmmmmm, what are some of your best fun ideas?