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4 Tips on Building Pinterest for Business


Whether your company thrives on producing visual content or not, you can use Pinterest to your advantage as another way to connect with your customers.  Here are some guidelines to consider as you build out your account.

A woman taking a picture of a man on her iPhone and using Pinterest for business

Here at Sound Telecom, I have had the opportunity to build a Pinterest account from the ground up.  Using Pinterest for business is more time-consuming and necessitates more consideration than using Pinterest for personal means.  There are more factors and an audience to consider.

1. Choose pins with clear, high-quality images.  Whether you’re pinning an existing pin or uploading a picture, ensure that the picture isn’t fuzzy or dull.  Pinterest’s success resides in quality visual content, and the images you use are most likely what is going to capture a pinner’s attention.

2. Create a board that is dedicated to posting content, such as blog posts, from your website.  You want this board to be very focused so that any customers or potential clients know exactly where to go when they want information about or from your company.

3. 80/20 Rule: Make only 20% of the content you post company-specific.  The emphasis should be on sharing interesting things with your followers- not just self-promotion.  The other 80% of your content can be tips for your industry or any other appropriate topics you think your audience will find valuable.

4. Before pinning anything to one of your boards, examine all aspects of the pin, including the link.  If the pin is supposed to include a recipe, make sure the recipe link is included.  Otherwise, it’s not very helpful for anyone seeking to replicate it.  Also, make sure the link is connected to the appropriate place and does not lead to a webpage that could be offensive to your audience.

Using Pinterest for business can be a great way to connect with your customers on a fun and visual platform.  If you use these tips, you will be well on your way to building out a captivating Pinterest account!



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About Jessica Truong

Jessica is the marketing intern for Sound Telecom.  Born and raised in San Francisco, she was looking for an adventure in a different terrain and decided to attend Seattle University where she received her degree in English Literature.  She brings critical thinking, writing, and researching skills that she developed from her major to the company.  In college, she also served on the executive board for the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and participated in various cultural clubs and performances.  When she is not working, she enjoys cooking, baking, hiking and pretty much any opportunity to be out in the sun.  She is excited to learn as much as she can at Sound Telecom and hopes the company views her participation auspiciously.