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The Eye of the Service Tiger – Making Yourself Invaluable!

Inspired by the classic song, having the eye of the Service Tiger means building your business on a foundation of truth so that it stands the test of time.

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We’ve all heard the famous “Eye of the Tiger” song performed by the American rock band Survivor. It was written when Sylvester Stallone requested it for the movie that made it famous,  Rocky III. The song received an academy award nomination for “Best Original Song” and was voted “Favorite Song” by People’s Choice Awards. This motivational tune went on to become the “Victory Theme” for American sports. We may have all heard this song before, but how many of us really know what it means to harness the spirit and power of the “Eye of the Tiger?”

‘It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rival, and the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night, and he’s watching us all with the Eye of the Tiger.’

To me, the “Eye of the Tiger” has a very unique meaning. In fact, I have created my own version of  this theme I call “The Eye of the Service Tiger.” What does it mean to have “The Eye of the Service Tiger?” Well, for starters, it means building your enterprise on the foundation of truth so that it will stand the test of time. But it means so much more than that too. It means:

  • Operating with integrity
  • Today and every day, you are  delivering more than you are getting paid to do
  • If you’ve made a mistake, don’t be afraid to own up and fix it
  • Not pushing a problem aside so it gets bigger, but solving it so you can leave it in your rear-view mirror
  • Surprising everyone with your service excellence
  • Having higher than average work habits
  • Not expecting a miracle, but being the miracle
  • Going the extra mile by doing more than what is expected of you
  • Calling all of your customers on time
  • Following up with all your customers
  • Keeping your promises to your customers and employees
  • Not blowing customers off once you have received payment

These are just some of the effective habits of a true Service Tiger.

Image of two tigers in the snowIf you do these things, you will know what it means to have the “Eye of the Service Tiger” spirit of success, and you will most certainly reap the rewards of a rich career and a loaded pocketbook. Without it, you will only be average, at best, and will subject yourself to a life of complacency where you will inevitably be crushed by a fast-paced, ever changing global economy of savvy competitors who have learned to capture and implement this powerful law of the universe.

A word of *CAUTION*  I must warn you…putting out more than you’re expected to deliver WILL NOT make you very popular with some of your peers who seem to make a career out of doing as little as possible for their pay…but that’s their problem.

Andrew Carnegie said, “There are two (2) types of people who never achieve very much in their lifetime. One of the persons is someone who won’t do what he or she is told to do, and the other is the person who does no more than he or she is told to do.” Are you one of these people?

The victory of success will be half won when you learn the secret of putting out more than is expected in all that you do. Make yourself  SO INVALUABLE  in your work that eventually you will become indispensable. Exercise your privilege to go the extra mile and enjoy all the rewards you receive. Give more than paid for, and watch your riches grow.

We are proud to be a company of employees that have “The Eye of the Service Tiger.”   Sound Telecom separates from competitors in many ways, but most importantly, we definitely deliver more than we charge for our answering services – that’s for sure.   Service Tigers deserve the best, and so do our customers!

Now, treat yourself to a viewing of the classic music video…


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Scott Walker joined Sound Telecom as Sales Account Executive, bringing over 11+ years of professional experience with him. Scott has a diversified sales background that includes:  small business consulting, sales management, team building, mortgage finance, loss mitigation, consumer law, and oilfield executive recruiting.  Early in his career he began working for former mortgage giant Ameriquest as an Account Executive in their portfolio retention division.  He later went on to form a consumer law debt settlement company called StartOverUSA.  His entrepreneurial background and his ability to leverage previous experiences in multiple industry verticals and successes in call center operational metrics adds value to both Sound Telecom and our diverse client base.  Scott is a proud Father of his greatest earthly blessing, his daughter, and is the Youth Leader for his Church and actively supports Christian ministries.