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The Call Center WOW Moment

Ever experienced a WOW moment? WOW moments most often catch the recipient off guard and pleasantly surprised they were fortunate enough to receive a WOW experience. Many customers in this growing movement expect to be wowed. If a loyal customer’s business is to be retained, the workforce must prep themselves to deliver exceptional experiences and provide skillful, trustworthy service.

When delivering a WOW experience for valued customers in the call center environment, it is essential to have agents that are selfless and willing to serve others. Agents that anticipate customers need, and meets those needs without prompting understands the delicate balance of a WOW experience. These agents are masters at their trade, the cream of the crop rising to excellence! Agents with this thought process provide the best encounter possible. When this goal’s met in the call center, the result is a loyal satisfied customer.

When your agents or workforce go above and beyond the call of duty by providing those unexpected surprises, that encounter from the customer’s perspective speaks volumes. It develops an emotional tie between the customer and your company. Not to mention, it is the best advertisement any company could receive. Satisfied customers do not mind sharing exceptional experiences with everyone.
We look at every relationship as a partnership, a growing organism that benefits both sides of the partnership. We are in the business of providing exceptional customer experiences in a professional, friendly and courteous manner.



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About Cheryl LaBaw

Cheryl L. LaBaw joined Sound Telecom as Director of Customer Relations in 2012. She is responsible for maintaining a high standard of service quality through ongoing monitoring and coaching of our call center agents. Prior to her arrival at Sound Telecom, Cheryl invested over 31 years in the customer care and service areas with United Airlines. She brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas from her experiences there in addition to working over 13 years in their call center. Cheryl’s skills in conflict resolution and customer satisfaction make her an excellent addition to the management team. As a Flight Attendant and Safety Professional she provided a more personal touch to customer concerns and safety issues. Mrs. LaBaw is passionate about health issues and has served her community by volunteering at Swedish Medical Center for three years in the Community Health Education Department. She also supports various youth organizations and child health and welfare organizations.