Call Center Customer Service Training

Training customer service representatives well is imperative for success in a call center environment. Any successful call center program needs to have well-trained agents to ensure an aspect of great customer service. It's a good thing training a call center customer service rep is easy. Or is it? In

10 Awesome (and FREE) Online Classes for Small Business Owners

  Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or a working professional looking to add another valuable skill to your repertoire, these free online classes are a great resource. Are you a small business owner who is looking to add another skill so you can enhance your company? Maybe

3 Radical Tips To Engage, Develop, and Encourage Our Employees

  Employee engagement and development is key to worker happiness. These three radical tips can help produce a truly empowered workforce. We all say it right?  Let’s hire the right people.  Let’s give them room to grow.  Let’s develop their skill set.  Let’s keep them engaged.  Let’s