How to Add a Nice Personal Touch to Your Answering Service

Whether you’re leading a startup or an already developed business, treating your callers with respect is one sure way to grow and flourish. Here's how you can add a nice personal touch with your answering service. Editor's Note: The post was submitted by guest blogger, Samantha Black. Enjoy! Among

I Can Hear You Smiling When I’m Calling

  A smile, whether in person or on the phone, makes a world of a difference in customer service. When monitoring agents in the call center environment there are criteria that we look at to assess the quality of the calls. Things like tone of voice, script accuracy, resolution, customer experience,

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude: The Importance of a Positive Attitude in a Call Center Environment

  Having a positive attitude in a call center, (as well as in life in general), makes all the difference. Here's what you can do to boost your attitude and increase your altitude in a call center or any work environment. Do you know someone that is  always negative, who has a complaint  about

An Inexpensive Way to Boost Call Center Morale!

  There are ways to boost call center morale that don't involve monetary incentives or raises. Call center  agents have a tough job. They are expected to sit for hours fielding calls from many kinds of people, (some of them can be quite irate).  Agents are rated on how effectively they handle