Does Your Answering Service Have Switch Data Redundancy?

  Having the right backup PBX systems in place ensures that your answering service can continue operating no matter what. A “switch” is the equipment needed by your outsource provider to process calls. Also called a “PBX” this system is the primary mechanism required to route calls to

Using Your Telephone Answering Service to Weather the Storms

  When the weather threatens to cause problems for your company, be ready with support from a telephone answering service. Well, the snow storms are just not letting up…flights are still delayed, people are still trying to get from point a to point b, schools are closed and businesses are

Weather the Storm with Your Telephone Answering Service

  How can a telephone answering service help businesses and their employees during truly intense winter weather?   Here we are at the end of the first month of 2014 and we have got at least another four to six weeks of winter. And unprecedented, record-breaking snowstorms have hit

What is your company’s bad weather backup plan?

A lot has happened in the last week here in Colorado. We had rain that devastated the state and there was a lot of damage. I was lucky that we only had a little flooding in our basement, so the damage was not too bad. Our center was not impacted terribly either, and we were lucky to be able to keep