Does an Answering Service Cost More than Hiring a Receptionist?

Using some basic facts, figures, and math, it's pretty simple to determine whether using an answering service or hiring a receptionist costs more. Answering services and in-house receptionists do many of the same tasks and perform similar job functions. Both can benefit your business in many positive

Telephone Answering Service FAQs

We get a lot of questions from people about answering services. Let's check out some that are asked most frequently. Whether it's a potential client calling to see what we can do for them, a current customer wondering how they can maximize the benefit of our services, or a friend asking about the

Answering Service and Call Center Q&A: Episode 4

  People across the U.S. have inquiries about what answering services and call centers can do for their companies. This is where we provide answers for those questions. Our latest blog series is the result of real questions that people have about answering service and call center solutions.