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Stop Letting Sales Slip Away [Sound Advice for Effective Lead Capturing]

Someone has put in a lot of work to get prospective customers to contact your business. Make sure you’re not wasting opportunities to capture good leads and build your sales pipeline.

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Chances are, you have put some serious thought into how you could get more customers. In fact, according to statistics provided by Hubspot, sixty-five percent of businesses say that generating and capturing leads is their biggest marketing challenge, and this struggle is not unique to any one particular industry.

Whether you are an attorney trying to provide your legal services for new clients, an insurance sales agent trying to get more people to sign up and start paying premiums, or an ice-cream maker trying to sell cool treats; if you want to be successful, you need fresh business leads coming in and being turned into customers. The question is: how? The answer: by being intentional.

Below are a few ways you can intentionally impact the volume of leads that come through your business along with how to effectively capture those leads for the sustainable success of your business.

Ways to maximize and capture phone leads


Just get your number out there, and seen, by as many people as possible. This broad approach is a great place to start. It might seem obvious, but it is still worth pointing out. Is your contact information a prominent part of any ad or marketing effort? Are you using all available channels to put your name and number in front of people? The more people who see your name and number, the more calls you’re likely to get. The question will soon need to be asking yourself is: are you prepared to handle an increase in call volume and are you effectively converting those calls into leads?

Hire an answering service. Image of an answering service agent helping capture leads over the phoneIf the answer to the previous question is no, you should probably consider hiring an answering service. Just as your core skill might be creating a great product or providing stellar service, the core skill of an answering service is managing your phones and handling your calls.  The best answering service will be an old hand at capturing leads for you. They are available 24/7 to handle calls whenever you’re busy or unavailable so callers don’t get stuck getting sent to voicemail, which is where leads go to die. One method answering services use is to make sure they are capturing every possible lead is to ask all callers upfront for a good callback number and e-mail address, in case the call breaks up or disconnects. An answering service can then provide an ever-lengthening list of phone numbers and e-mail addresses, always expanding your list of potential clients.

Giveaways and contests. In a giveaway or contest, you collect phone leads by requiring contact information upon entry. The key to getting high-value leads this way is to pick the right prize. Say for example a car wash holds a contest to give away a free iPhone. If 2,000 people enter, that generates a list of 2,000 leads, but how does wanting to win a new phone relate to wanting to wash a car? Instead, to create higher-value leads, businesses should pick prizes that target potential customers. For a car wash, the perfect prize might be giving away a 3 free washes. What is the perfect prize for your business to capture good leads?

Online Is The New Normal


More than half of all people, according to studies, now purchase their products and make their decisions about brands online. That number is going up each year.  How do you take advantage of this?

  • Social media.  According to that same Hubspot study, 90 percent of businesses see increased leads when they use social media to get the word out. Include links to your website in social posts. Run contests. Whichever social strategies work best for your business, industry and audience, just make sure your contact information is always visible or easy to find.
  • Check for cracks. Don’t let potential leads fall through the cracks uncaptured. 96 percent of people who initially visit your website, even though they might be interested in your business, are not ready to become a customer just yet. However, getting their information creates a high-value lead you can follow up on later.Image of a man between a pair of hands as a sales lead not slipping through the cracks
  • How do you get their information? Your landing page is the most valuable digital real estate for high-value lead capture. A front-page sign up form, rather than requiring an extra click to reach a contact page, is an increasingly popular method to capture leads from visitors to your site.
  • How do you get people to sign up? Incentivize visitors to sign up by offering something in return, like news, notifications or special exclusive deals and information they can’t get anywhere else.

Now Make It Happen


Whether a company sells ice cream or car insurance, capturing leads is a major concern for most businesses. However, with the right resources in place and a bit of planning on how to capture new leads, you could find your business enjoying some success rather than scrambling for customers. All that is left for you to do now is start planning and make sure you’re set up with those resources. Well… what are you waiting for?

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