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Sound Telecom Announces Launch of New Website


As a leading nationwide provider of telephone answering services, call center solutions, and cloud-based phone systems, Sound Telecom has pronounced that their fully revamped, customer-focused website has officially launched.


After months of planning, designing, writing, programming and anticipation, Sound Telecom, in collaboration with Bonsai Media Group, has released a completely reloaded website which can be experienced at The aim of the website is to create an inviting, informative and easy to use interface for visitors. By completely overhauling the old site, it was Sound Telecom’s goal to craft the best possible online interaction for customers, potential clients, and anyone looking for help growing their business.

There were several main points of focus when building the new site. One was to strip the old content of any industry jargon or corporate-speak, and rework it to bring more of a human to human vibe that is straight forward and user focused. Another priority was to clean things up to present a crisp style that didn’t overwhelm users and was easy to navigate. Finally, it was crucial to create a dynamic site with scalability for use with mobile phones and tablets.

What adds another layer of interest to this story is the fact that Bonsai Media Group and Sound Telecom have a unique history. The CEO and founder of Bonsai Media Group, Jason LaBaw, is the son of Sound Telecom’s President and founder, Michael LaBaw.

Jason revealed that Bonsai Media Group actually approached Sound Telecom back in 2011 about updating the site, but it took some convincing of his father before the project got approved. “Our recommendation back then for a mobile friendly site was based on where we saw the trend headed,” Jason stated. And over the last several years with such an increase in the number of internet searches done on mobile phones, it is easy to see that Bonsai Media Group was right on in their prediction.

When asked if he had any reservations about taking on a project of this size with family on the other side of things, Jason replied, “No. I have been involved with Sound Telecom on different levels since I was seven. The key to working with family is separating the business aspect of things. We tried to approach Sound Telecom as we would any other client. We just wanted to see success.”

According to Jason, the toughest part of the website project was not trying to manage the family aspect. “The biggest challenge was taking the existing value in the old site and recreating it with a responsive design and content management system that gives Sound Telecom the ultimate in being able to control the site,” Jason revealed. The Umbraco content management system was selected to give Sound Telecom the ability to get behind the wheel of the site and make any adjustments they see fit whenever they would like rather than having to go through vendors to alter anything. The use of Umbraco and a hands-on approach to the new website gives Sound Telecom the capability to communicate with visitors to the site most effectively.

It took massive efforts from many people, but the completed site is considered a success by both Bonsai Media Group and Sound Telecom.

About Sound Telecom

Sound Telecom is a leading nationwide provider of 24-hour Telephone Answering Services, Contact Center Solutions and Cloud-based Phone Systems professionally serving customers since 1986 with USA based agents. For more information, please visit

About Bonsai Media Group

Bonsai helps companies navigate the digital space and create unique, responsive experiences that drive sales and build powerful online brands. Founded in 2009, Bonsai has emerged as one of the most sought after Internet marketing and web development companies in the Puget Sound Region. For more information, please visit

Contact Information

Andrew Tillery, Marketing Director
Sound Telecom

Jason LaBaw, CEO
Bonsai Media Group

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