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SMS Messaging for iPad

So you went and purchased an iPad for all the conveniences of having a laptop computer without he bulk at your fingertips. Now you want to send SMS (text) messages to your friends. With the iPad, there is a feature called iMessage. This is a native SMS messaging tool that allows you to send unlimited text messages between your iPad and another iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone users. All you need is a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. This app allows you to not only sent text messages, but also photos, videos, locations and contacts. This all sounds nice. But what about your friends or colleagues that does not own an Apple device? Currently, there is no way to send these messages to other devices using what apps that comes with the iPad.

The good nes is that there are many free apps from the App Store that will allow you to do just that. In this segment, I will be focusing on Textie. Textie is a free app that allows you to send free text messages from your iPad to any other mobile device, regardless of carrier. The only thing you need is an iTunes account.

First, you will need t go to the App Store and install the free Textie app to your iPad. Open up the app once installed. Click on the “New Account” option and enter your details. Then click ‘Done”. The app will then prompt you for your activation code that will be sent to the e-mail address that you entered during the setup. When this is complete, launch the app. Click on the top right button and you are ready to begin text messaging. It is as easy as that.

While it would be nice for iPad to have an app that comes with the device for sending SMS messages to anyone, isn’t it nice to know that there are other ways to get around this limitation?

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