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Skype and Your Business


Are you running a small business or are you on a small budget? Skype can be a great tool to help you get plenty done and keep your business moving forward.

Image of a woman using Skype for business

There are many ways that a company can save money, but how many ways can a company cut costs AND be more efficient? Well, using a virtual receptionist is one way, but that’s not what we are here to discuss today. Another  method your business can use to keep things on the cheap is also a great way to stay connected with your clients and customers. The tool I am referring to is Skype. Skype is a free service that most people associate with making voice calls over the internet. But that is not all Skype can do.

With Skype video conferencing, a business only needs to invest in a web cam. Oh look, here’s a perfectly good webcam on Amazon for less than $30. Skype will do the rest. Imagine the savings on hardware for a video conferencing set up for your meeting  room. This allows you to see your clients face to face so you can take care of them, or collaborate with people in other offices to work on projects together. You can also share your screen with the person you are speaking with. This is a huge savings over services such as GoToMeeting.  

A business owner can also connect with his or her clients outside of normal business hours. All you have to do is pull up your Skype account and see if the person you want to reach is online. One can call or chat if they want. It is that simple.

Have you ever had to send a large file that was bigger than your email could handle? With Skype, you can easily send larger files and get a notification that it has been received.

Another great benefit is that Skype allows you to record audio. This can come in handy if a company wants to record podcasts, send a recording to people who couldn’t make it to the meeting, or keep records of a conversation. There is no other equipment to install. Just download a simple Skype plugin and you are ready to go.

One last reason that Skype can be an attractive business tool: you can use Skype On The Go on your mobile phone and always stay connected to your business contacts, even when you are not at your office.

Where else can you get that many features for the low price of FREE? Skype can easily handle any type of business communication. It is a powerful tool that saves you both time and money. However, one thing you’ll want to keep in mind if you choose to use Skype a business communication source is that call and sound quality can sometimes be lacking. Sometimes it’s due to your internet connection and other times it’s because you’re using a free tool. But hey, as with everything in life, there are trade-offs. But give Skype a shot if you’re on a budget and want to stay connected while having some great features at your fingertips.

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