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Should You Sleep At Work?


We have all experienced being  at least a little sleepy while on the job. The idea of sneaking a nap in can be so tempting, but should you sleep at work?

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While some of us can feel ready for a nap as soon as we set foot in the office, it is more common to feel some sleepiness seep into your day in the afternoon. Most people make a run at the coffee pot when the tiredness sets in and they need an energy boost. But rather than fight those heavy eyelids, what if you just had a little nap instead? We’ve all contemplated the thought, and some have even converted on the idea at one time or another by taking a nap at work. But the question remains…should you sleep at work?

Here is the answer: If your job situation allows for it then yes, you should sleep at work. Now, that’s the simple answer, but let’s dive in a bit to better define the boundaries. No, you shouldn’t rush to your boss and ask if it’s ok for you to nap at work. No, you shouldn’t file a motion with HR to amend the employee manual to allow for naps. No, you shouldn’t slip under your desk for a snooze every time you yawn. No, you shouldn’t find an empty bathroom stall while on the clock and take the most pitiful work nap in history.

But you should sleep at work if you are dragging a little and have the ability to use part  of your  lunch time for a nap. Perhaps you’ve got a project you’ve been working on a long time, you’re getting groggy, and the quality of your work is beginning to suffer or your work situation is even starting to get dangerous from your lack of focus. Please take a break to nap. Or say it’s 2:30, you’re a bit sleepy and you literally have no better way to utilize your time before your 3:15 meeting, then go ahead and grab yourself a power nap, because that’s far better than falling asleep in the middle of a meeting.

Plenty of scientific studies have been done on the benefits of a little daytime nap and there is lots to be gained from some brief shut eye.  Here are just a few of the perks to sleeping at work…

  • You’ll be well-rested and make better decisions
  • You’ll be able to handle  the most irritating coworkers better
  • You’ll be more creative
  • You’ll be more productive
  • You’ll avoid burnout
  • You’ll be more alert
  • You’ll improve your memory

These are only a few of the proven benefits of why you should sleep at work.

So at this point you know that it’s not a bad idea to get a snooze in during your work day, but how long should you nap at work? Sleep expert Sara C. Mednick says you’ll get benefits from a nap lasting only 15-20 minutes. She also states that naps are a better alternative than another cup of coffee. But you can read more about all that here: Power Naps: Napping Benefits, Length, and Tips

Need help getting started with your work nap? Here are 13 Tips for the Best Nap Ever. And if you would like a humorous guide to where to nap at work, check out  13 Ways to Nap at the Office.

And now, only one thing stands in the way of your most glorious moments of sleeping at work. What if someone calls you while you’re asleep? They will either interrupt your important nap your you’ll miss their important call, right? Wrong. Just forward your line to your answering service and they will take care of all your calls while you get a much needed nap. So go ahead, as long as you do it right, it’s ok to sleep at work!

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