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Sample Restoration Answering Service Script


Once you partner with an answering service for disaster restoration companies, it’s crucial to nail down a good script. Check out this sample restoration answering service script to get you on the right track towards a well constructed live support program.

Image of a disaster restoration professional who uses an answering service cleaning a house with flood damage.

Answering service scripts for restoration businesses can take different forms depending on how your company operates and what you are trying to accomplish. The most important part of a restoration answering service script is that it is unique to your organization and meets the needs of your callers. A disaster restoration answering service can deliver 24/7 phone coverage, dispatch service, and more to keep you fully responsive for all your clients in need. Here’s what a portion of a restoration answering service script can look like…

Agent: Thank you for calling Jefferson Cleaning and Restoration. This is Jenny speaking. How may I help you?

Caller: Hi, Jenny. This is David Fairfield calling from Allstate on behalf of one of our clients. I need to request an emergency dispatch.

Agent: I can certainly help you with that, David. Is this regarding a recent loss?

Caller: Yes, it is.

Agent: Ok, I’m going to attempt to connect you with one of our technicians. First, can I please have your phone number in case we get disconnected?

Caller: Sure, it is 206-555-7825. And I can be reached at extension 327.

Agent: Got it. And would you be able to briefly describe your client’s situation?

Caller: Of course. Our client, Brandon Sweeney, had a rupture in his hot water heater and water has spilled all over his hardwood floors.

Agent: Thank you, David. Just to verify, I’ve got your Allstate phone number as 206-555-7825 extension 327. Is that right?

Caller: That is correct.

Agent: Ok, just one moment while I attempt to transfer you.

Caller: Thanks.

Agent calls the technician on duty.

Technician: Hello? This is Walter.

Agent: Hi Walter. This is Jenny from the Jefferson Cleaning and Restoration dispatch center. I’ve got a David Fairfield from Allstate on the line. He has a client with a ruptured hot water heater and flooded hardwood floors. May I connect him?

Technician: Absolutely. Thank you.

Agent: No problem, Walter. Hope your night goes well.

Agent connects the caller with the technician on duty.

This is simply one of the many varieties of scripting paths a disaster recovery answering service script can take. Yours will evolve into a custom script depending on what information you want to collect, how you’d like callers handled, and what sort of customer experience you wish to provide. But regardless of how your restoration answering service script shapes up, it must be dialed in just right to provide maximum benefit for you and your clients.

If you’d like a hand in building your restoration answering service script, then just contact us and we would be more than happy to help.

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