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How to Reward Employees Without Changing the Budget


It would be great to be able to just hand out money any time you want to recognize one of your workers. But that’s not always realistic. Here are a few ways you can reward employees without changing the budget.

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Praise in the office from a boss to their employee is usually seen in the form of a pay raise or an excellent annual review. But it’s not like you can dish out pay raises to everyone each time you want to show gratification for their work. Celebrating people and their great efforts is important, and it is also an opportunity to raise your stars up as an example for the rest of your team. So let’s discuss some ways to give praise that can hit close to home, without really cutting into your budget.

Flowers are often a great token of appreciation. If someone you would like to recognize is into flowers, surprise them at work and make a showing out of the delivery to draw attention to them. What’s another way flowers can help you out? Get flowers for an employee’s spouse as a thank you for taking up so much of their partner’s time. Having the spouses of your employees on your side is never to be underestimated.

If someone is doing a great job, maybe you can find a way to let them have a say in their schedule. It is different for every employee and every business, but perhaps some workers would prefer working an extra hour Monday through Thursday and only a half day on Friday. As long as they are able to get all their work done, then reward them by being flexible with their schedule. Sometimes it’s not as easy with hourly employees, but you can still work with them to set up a schedule they prefer. Plus, other people will recognize the perks of doing a great job and strive to get noticed by their work as well.

If the employee who has shown excellent work ethic, and is trustworthy when it comes to staying on task and finishing the job well, perhaps it is possible to let them work from home one day a week. Of course putting in proper channels to allow solid communication while e-commuting will need to be done. This option is not for everyone, but you could tweak it and do a variation that involves rewarding employees by giving them longer breaks and lunches, or maybe even some extra PTO as well.

Who doesn’t love a good treat? Bring in bagels, donuts, or a cake to share all in the honor of someone’s great job. Make sure everyone knows who they can thank for the treat due to the good work they put in. Find different reasons to celebrate and reward employees, because not every department can reach a sales goal or pass an audit.

Of course adequate pay and timely raises are always important and should never have a substitute if you can help it. But the options listed above are just extra ways to reward employees without changing the budget. The little things matter to your team. Never miss an opportunity to show them that their hard work is appreciated however you can.

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