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Purchasing a Computer: Part 2

In “Purchasing a New Computer: Part 1” we have come up with an idea of what we want in a new computer, and now we are in the store looking at all the holiday specials as we continue our journey in purchasing a computer.

this is a picture of a laptop with a pair of hands typing and a notepad and pencil laying nearby as a person does research for purchasing a computer

So, there you are in the store with loads of options for purchasing a computer in front of you. Your notes are in your hand and here comes a sales associate. If you are in a retail store, the sales associates are generally not making a commission. This is good for you as they will most likely not push you over to buying the most expensive computer; not that the most expensive is a bad computer. Once you have looked around at all the computers and your needs point to a high priced model, then you should consider it.

I have found that most new comers to computers don’t really need the most expensive one at first. Maybe after you have had your first one and found you want something with a little more capability, then go looking for something else. When this happens, it will be easier purchasing a computer, and you probably won’t have to go into the store to look; you can jump to shopping online.

The sales associate is talking to you and asking you if they can help. Since you are a new comer, it is not a bad idea for you to go ahead and ask for his/her assistance. He/she will ask what you are looking for the computer to accomplish, besides getting on the internet. Once he has an idea of what you are looking for, usually he/she will give you some options and probably some preferences of his/her own. It could be what he/she has heard from other customers or what he/she uses for their own personal computer. Listen to what they are saying, because any information they have will be useful to you when you are purchasing a computer.

There are different options you have for a computer. A computer is not just your standard idea of a tower and monitor. It can come in the form of a laptop, tablet, smart phone, or E-reader (Nook, Kindle Fire). These different types of computers have all different kinds of capabilities and limitations. For example, a desktop computer is not something you can easily move around like a tablet, laptop, or smart phone. A tablet or smartphone may not have a large enough screen to perform the work you want to do. As I said before, you may want to utilize the combination of two or three devices for your specific purposes. You may want the computer at home and the tablet for staying mobile.

Having this type of setup is not a bad idea, because these days you can use cloud storage to hold some of your important documents or pictures, and you can access the items for your home computer or your tablet anywhere there is a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection.

Once you have looked at the store and have decided what type of machine is best for you, it is perfectly reasonable to go ahead and get one at the store, or you can buy one online if you think you can snag a better deal.  Happy Hunting when purchasing a computer!



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