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Pros and Cons of Live Chat


The Live Chat tool has arrived to revolutionize customer service. But what are the pros and cons of this communication option?

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One of the newest crazes in the Customer Service world is the illustrious “Live Chat” feature. The ability to multi-task with multi-tabs of issue resolution. With the Live Chat feature you can simply type out your problem or ask a question, and have a live chat conversation with an agent to get something fixed, ordered, or set up!

I will be the first person to admit, I really love this feature. My introverted heart goes all a flutter when I notice a live chat feature in the “Contact Us” page along with their customer service phone number. I use live chat rather than a phone call 9.99 times out of 10 if I can help it! But with convenience goes that warm fuzzy secure feeling when you hear someone tell you for the 3rd time that your issue has been resolved.

We have all gotten used to phone conversations and having issues resolved over the phone, so when a Live Chat is finished, it doesn’t necessarily feel like anything was done even if the issue was resolved completely. It’s almost like it was too easy. While this may be a generational event that keeps us from feeling comfortable using Live Chat rather than calling someone, it can be incredibly useful for a business.

With a live chat feature you give your customer options! They get to choose what media platform they want to use to contact your company based on how busy they may be, how important the issue is or even personal preferences. The most important part is that they get to choose, and that can mean all the difference for your customer.

Let’s touch on a few of the potential pros and cons of live chat:
Cons : Pros
– Some hesitant customers : Super convenient
– Fraudulent requests for information : Easier access to customer requests
– Increase in requests/inquiries : Happier customers with more updated information
– ??? : Secured data entry, archiving and reporting
– ??? : Fully customized and branded for businesses
– ??? : Super fast response time

I could keep going with the pros of live chat, but it doesn’t seem fair since I’ve obviously run out of cons.

With the technology revolution in full swing, the Live Chat feature can be the next big thing on the customer service frontier, next to package delivery by drone plane and robot vacuums. Live Chat may be newer but is far more convenient for a customer and can set a new bar for the customer service of your company that really sets you apart from the competition.

Are you daring enough to expand your customer service options?



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