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New Year’s Resolution Solutions


A fresh set of 365 days ushers in all kinds of opportunities for growth and development. So how should you go about setting those new year’s resolutions both personally and professionally?

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A New Year’s resolution is an annual tradition for some people. But how often do they actually follow through and achieve their goals? People set resolutions to be more physically fit, to become more spiritually connected, or to grow and mature personally. Here is a list of the most popular resolutions people make, and according to surveys only 8% of people reach their goals. But for the first few weeks of the New Year, a lot of people are trying.

This is also a great opportunity to establish your annual goals for your company or department! Take some time to have everyone brainstorm on what needs improvement and how to achieve that goal. Keeping it simple and building in baby steps can be incredibly useful when setting a business new year’s resolution and attempting to reach for the stars with a new calendar. Improving customer retention, doing some team building, setting up better client communication, or maybe even enhancing customer service and increasing sales with answering services are all things that can be big wins throughout the year in its entirety.

It’s also important is reflecting on the year you just finished. Celebrate your awards and achievements both on personal levels and as a team. Don’t forget to openly discuss the rough areas that need work and growth too. Begin the dialogue for your office employees so when you do start to brainstorm everyone can be ready to pitch in. This is their office too, and they care about the company as a whole as well. Employees also have good insight into what goals are achievable or what might be too far fetched.

Remaining hopeful for the new year is one of the key elements here. Even if 2016 was a rough year for the company, or personally, then that can all be wiped clean with a fresh 2017. A new year, a new goal! A new endeavor for your company, your employees and your careers can be exciting. If you keep that ball rolling, allow your company to reflect on this past year, and plan for growth for the future, then who knows what questions you could be asking yourself at the end of next year! You could be celebrating all kinds of awards and achievements. Best of luck and happy new year!

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