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I Need Someone to Answer the Phone While I’m Out in the Field


Professionals such as landscapers, real estate agents and lawyers are often away from their desks while out in the field and need someone to answer the phone.

Two women sitting and discussing work. If you need someone to answer the phone while you're out in the field, a virtual receptionist is your solution.

If your job requires you to be out in the field often, you’re probably missing a lot of phone calls.  While an voicemail can be useful for callers to record messages, it takes time for you to listen to those message and return those phone calls.  Sometimes you may end up playing phone tag, which isn’t beneficial for anyone. During your busiest days, you may feel a burgeoning need for an additional person to answer your phone when you’re out in the field.  Hiring an in-house receptionist would unnecessarily increase your overhead expenses, if the only function you need is having your calls answered.

A virtual receptionist can efficiently perform this function for you at less than half the price of an in-house receptionist.  She can answer questions from clients or take messages and relay them to you. A virtual receptionist can reduce the number of callers you’re required to handle by finding a resolution for those with simple requests.  The same idea can also be applied to your emails.  An answering service will work with you to prepare a script, a list of most frequently asked questions and the appropriate responses.  Your receptionist can also schedule or cancel appointments at your request.

While you’re out in the field, you most likely don’t have time to answer your phone or listen to voicemail messages.  Whether it’s because you’re busy with a physical task or need to give your client undivided attention, you simply cannot answer your phone.  A virtual receptionist can manually record messages and then relay them to you by email, pager or text message.  You can rest assured, knowing that your clients have been appeased by reaching a live person and assured that their messages will be delivered.  This system allows you to quickly scan your messages at an appropriate time and return phone calls when it is most convenient for you.  It is also far less time-consuming than listening to a full voicemail recording, especially if the message is left by a loquacious individual.  Hiring a virtual receptionist is an affordable option that allows you to tend to more significant matters and plan an efficient workday schedule.

Now, rather than finding yourself in need of someone to answer the phone, you can get work done without missing any opportunities.



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