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Nationwide Call Center Releases New Article on Seven Significant Costs an Answering Service Can Help You Avoid

Sound Telecom, a nationwide provider of Telephone Answering Services, Call Center Solutions, and Cloud-based Phone Systems announced today that its Chief Operations Officer, Brian Gabriel published a new article; “Seven Significant Costs That An Answering Service Can Help You Avoid”.

Seattle, Washington, October 28, 2013

This article outlines the process that many businesses go through to hire in-house help in the form of a receptionist or other similar positions. Along the way, it describes the situations where a company would be able to save money if they had alternatively chosen to use a professional answering service. The article states that there are some obvious cost-cutting benefits that are a large factor in why many businesses opt for an answering service, but it focuses on the costs that might not be the first ones to come to mind.

Businesses who choose to use an in-house receptionist not only incur costs related to salary, turnover, hiring, training, vacation, and benefits, but there are other portions of the equation to consider as well. The cost of sick time, paid breaks, absenteeism, management, facilities, and missed opportunities due to the lack of 24/7 coverage all begin to add up. Some of these costs make it very easy to stick tangible numbers to. However, others, such as missed opportunities, are not assigned a value and the reader is left to develop their own hypothesis of what that number could be, based on their experiences with their own company.

It becomes evident as the article progresses, that there are significant costs that are incurred by businesses in many different forms. The author explains how these costs can be avoided through the use of an answering service at every juncture. One of the most pressing themes to take away from this piece is that every business is different and must assess their own unique situations before deciding if using an answering service to help cut costs is right for them.

Brian Gabriel’s article does not venture to discuss whether businesses choose to put up with these expenses because they believe them to be worth the high cost, or if they are instead unaware of how they could be saving money by using an answering service.

To read the complete article, please view here:

Seven Significant Costs That An Answering Service Can Help You Avoid

About Brian Gabriel

Brian Gabriel is the Chief Operations Officer for Sound Telecom, a leading twenty-seven year old call center outsourcer and he is a frequent contributor to the Sound Telecom Blog, which is designed to impart useful business information to businesses and entrepreneurs.

About Sound Telecom

Sound Telecom is a leading nationwide provider of 24-hour Telephone Answering Services, Contact Center Solutions and Cloud-based Phone Systems professionally serving customers since 1986 with USA based agents. For more information, please visit

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