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How A Landscaping Answering Service Works

A great landscaping answering service helps lawn care professionals grow their businesses and easily manage high call volumes during the busiest times of the year.

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Landscaping and Tree Service companies are typically SEASONAL. That means, they get a lot of calls just before summer from folks that want their yards fixed. Some landscapers get a lot of business in the winter for yard irrigation projects or repair work after a storm, but this is an exception. Mostly, these businesses are busy in the summer. Landscaping and tree care services tend to get a lot of calls from customers after hours or on weekends that are looking for a quick price quote. They also get calls from existing customers that have complaints or want changes or additional services. A professional landscaping answering service can easily handle all of these calls.

The trick to handling a landscaping and tree service call effectively is to help them turn one of their calling prospects into a SALE. The landscaping answering service needs to be professional, friendly and courteous so that a price shopper becomes a paying customer. The goal of the call is to not only take a detailed and accurate message when required, but to have a representative call that customer back quickly to provide an on-site estimate or formalized price quote. Landscapers need this service, because they are often out in the field working and cannot always be available to take live calls. They need quick, friendly responses to give their businesses that professional image. They also need fast and accurate messages.

Think about it, if you hired a landscaper and he was on his phone each time you looked outside, you might consider changing landscapers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a landscaper and the one you call doesn’t answer the phone, then you are likely to keep looking. So it’s a catch 22 for landscapers. They need to be available to answer all calls to build their business, but they can’t stop working each time they get a call. That’s why an answering service for landscapers is so crucial.

In general,  lawn and tree care companies are looking for their landscaping answering service to perform as follows:

  1. Fast Call Pickup: 95% of all calls in 3 rings or less.
  2. No Holds: a good landscaping and tree care answering service never puts callers on hold.
  3. Manage complex on-call lists: Often, there are 4 or 5 service reps out in the field. The landscaping answering service must carefully manage that list to ensure the right rep gets the calls or messages at the right time.
  4. Quote Rates: Accurately quote rates as required.
  5. Seasonal Flexibility: Landscaping and tree service owners need to upgrade or downgrade their service usage at any time. This helps them save money in the off-season and maximize their spend during busy times.
  6. Patching: Provide call patching and call transfer services, just like a receptionist.
  7. Pager Sales: Often, landscapers and tree care employees carry pagers, because they may work in areas that don’t have good cell coverage.

Again, landscaping and tree care is mostly seasonal but some of these businesses offer additional services such as gutter and window cleaning which can keep them busy year-round. And you never know when a storm is going to come through that damages a tree and their services will be required. No matter what the service is that they provide or when the call comes in, they need to be represented by live support on a 24/7 basis or they will lose business to their competitors. That is why these companies commonly turn to a professional landscaping answering service like Sound Telecom for support.

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