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Is My Company Too Small For An Answering Service?


Some people wonder if their company is too small for an answering service. The truth is that sometimes the smaller your business is, the more help an answering service can be.

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“Is my company too small for an answering service?” Have you  asked yourself this question before because you think that you need to be a big company in order to use and answering service or inbound call center? If you think your company is too small for an answering service, think again!

Sure, we play a large live support role for many bigger companies, but one could argue that we take on an even more important role for smaller companies.

Why? For starters, the smaller you are, the more important each sale and each customer is to your success. Answering services not only help you make more money by capturing more sales leads, but they also enhance your customer service to increase customer retention.

Answering services also help save small businesses money because they take away the need to have to  invest in hiring someone for the front office. The average receptionist salary is over $25,000/year while you can hire an answering service for as little as $45/month. And even if you do get someone for the front office, they are most likely to be available only during business hours. So now imagine being available to your clients 24/7 without having to pay the salary of a full time employee.

No company is too small for an answering service. Even if you are a one person operation that just needs to forward your phone lines to a live person while you are at lunch or in meetings, it can be well worth it. Or maybe you can handle most calls in-house, but have trouble taking care of Spanish speaking callers. That’s where a bilingual answering service comes in real handy.

Making yourself accessible to your customers is important. There have been many times that I have needed a service after hours and I call companies who do not answer. When I call a company I expect them to pick up. If they do not I just move on to the next company that does. So why miss calls from potential clients that are most likely to move on if you do not pick up? Imagine how many calls you may potentially be losing after you leave the office or even just during lunch!

Well, if you are a small business, we can help you! Pick up the phone and call us and see how we can assist. We help small businesses like yours save money and grow their companies everyday. So why not yours?

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Neri Luria joins the Sound Telecom Team as the Bilingual Services Manager. Neri oversees operations and sales in our Westminster, Colorado bilingual call center. Neri’s unique talents make her a perfect fit to manage our bilingual agent staff, develop and monitor call center performance, assist with translation and provide bilingual sales assistance. Prior to joining Sound Telecom, Neri refined her skill sets with companies including T-Mobile, Money Gram, and MCI. During her last eight years with T-Mobile she held positions in the financial department and worked with their business intelligence department as a Bilingual Quality Project Specialist. She enjoys coaching and developing representatives to provide excellent service across a diverse customer base. She lives in Denver with her family and is originally from California. Neri has previously volunteered at the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and other Christian organizations. She often translates for her father who is a minister in Denver, Colorado.