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Five Things You Can Do To Improve Call Center Morale


When the call center morale is low, you can hear it in the voices of the agents when they are on the phones. Improve call center morale and everyone will enjoy speaking with them.

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Spring is in the air and agents are on the phones providing great call center services! What could be better than beautiful weather and busy agents? How about  happy  agents! Here are a five things you can do to make easy, positive morale adjustments in your call center:

  1. Let agents help change the look of your call center: Your employees are in your call center 8 to 10 hours a day and sometimes more. Let them make it feel “homey” and comfortable. Splash some paint on the walls, let folks bring family pictures for their cubicles, bring in floor plants! Make your call center feel alive and welcoming. Make it look like people belong there. Nothing is worse than working in a drab, antiseptic call center with  no  personal feeling whatsoever. A call center doesn’t have to be dull and ugly looking to be efficient.
  2. Recognition: Many agents will be driven by recognition and there are so many ways you can do it! There are employee incentive-based programs that reward great performances, which will not only give morale a boost, but also give agents something to constantly strive for. There are little things you can recognize employees for too. Birthdays and work anniversaries are just a couple opportunities to celebrate those who are putting in all kinds of hard work to keep the call center humming.
  3. Feed your agents: Nothing makes an agent happier than pizza and donuts. You don’t always have to put out junk food – but it helps!!!  Ok, fine. For the politically correct folks you can put out healthy snack foods like apples and celery. But make sure you balance the healthy food with the fun food. Donuts and homemade coffee cake both have the ability to inspire agents to greatness!
  4. Make the break room awesome: Agents need a place they can spend their breaks that isn’t just another room in the office, but is more of an employee lounge. Make it a special place they can go to relax, have fun, and get their minds off work for a little bit. If you’ve got the budget and space to make it happen, think about game options like a pool table, foosball, or a fold up ping pong table. Put a good TV in the break room so agents can catch a show on their breaks or just flip on the news. You know what goes great with a TV? Movies and video games! Do anything you can to make the break room a place your agents enjoy.
  5. Decorate for the holidays:  Lights that twinkle! Scary masks! Shamrocks! Cupids! Yes!!! Decorate for the holidays! Why? Because it is fun! Anytime you can create agent group involvement it is a good thing. Besides, decorations help lighten the mood and make it FUN to help people. So break out all those decorations and get them up on the walls!

There are lots of things you can do to keep people focused and happy. But don’t forget to make work FUN! Yes, call centers are a serious business. But you can enjoy what you are doing while you are doing it, too. Don’t forget to lighten the mood and involve your staff in helping make your call center a friendly, comfortable and welcoming environment. It will be great for call center morale.

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