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How to use VOIP with iPhone

Have you ever noticed that towards the end of your billing cycle on your iPhone, you are rushing to get through calls to conserve your minutes? How would you like to make free calls from your iPhone using your data plan? This could also save you money on international roaming as well. This is possible wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection anywhere in the world.

As I stated in my previous blog, “How to Use VOIP with Android”, there are ways to make outgoing free calls quite easily. The easiest way is to install a free “app” from the App store, such as Skype, Fring, or iCall. Using one of the “apps” one can make an outbound call to someone who also has one of these “apps” on their laptop or computer. Skype is by far the most popular of the three I noted. If you use Skype at home, it is a must to have on your iPhone as well. Skype also allows you to chat and set your status and profile information.

At this time there is not a direct way to make free calls using VOIP from your iPhone to a landline as of yet. This is why the easiest way is “app” to “app”. However as I mention in my previous blog, you can add another free “app” such as Sipgate, which will allow you to receive free incoming calls on your iPhone as well. While this may seem like a lot of work just to make a phone call, you can only imagine the number of minutes you can save. If you are a business person and are on the phone quite a bit, all of these minutes add up. Or, if you are a professional that is on-call and fielding calls from your answering service after hours, this could save you a lot of money on overages to your phone bill.

VOIP continues to make progress with its quality and very soon it will be a very convenient way to make and receive free calls using the internet.




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