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How To Prepare Your Business for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is right around the corner. Here’s what you need to do to prepare your business for the big day.

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The phenomenon known as Small Business Saturday takes place the weekend following Thanksgiving (or the day after Black Friday). It all began in 2010 when American Express created an event that encourages people around the United States to go shopping at local shops and support local businesses. Entering its seventh year, SBS is only growing in popularity and if your  small business isn’t taking part, then you’re missing out. Here’s how to prepare your business for Small Business Saturday.

Visit the headquarters

American Express still leads the SBS efforts and they offer all kinds of resources for both businesses looking to partake and consumers who want to shop local. Visit their website to see how you can promote your business, rally your neighborhood, and more. Sure, it’s a little ironic that a big business leads the charge for Small Business Saturday, but hey, we’re just glad somebody is doing it.

Create some deals

Sometimes the simple fact that it is Small Business Saturday isn’t enough to get people in your door and making purchases. What better way to entice them than by dialing up some promotions? It’s also the perfect way to thank your customers for supporting your company on the big day.

Stock up

In what could potentially be one of your biggest days of the year for sales, you don’t want to run out of product. So plan ahead, keep in mind the promotions you’ll be running, make sure you’ve got plenty of stock, and have everthing you might need to fill orders on hand for Small Business Saturday.

Staff appropriately

Another thing that could cripple you on SBS would be failing to staff your store well enough to keep up with the increased activity. Don’t let your employees get overrun by shoppers. Make sure you’ve got the right amount of help to handle a crowded store. That way your customers will get all the assistance they need and your people won’t feel overwhelmed. And don’t forget to schedule accordingly if you’re planning on expanded hours of operation.

Tell people

Not every small business takes part in SBS (but they should!), so you’ve got to make sure everyone knows that you’re not only going to be in on the festivities, but that you’re also offering some great deals that you’d like to share. Post some flyers, tell everyone that comes into your shop beforehand, share all the details on your social media accounts, and even blog about it. Use every means at your disposal to spread the word about what you’ll be up to on Small Business Saturday and why people should come visit your local business that day.


You’re a part of a community of small businesses. See what others in your area are planning. Get more local companies in on the action. Work together to offer specials, attract customers, and promote the event. Think about it. Aren’t people more likely to come shop in your area if you aren’t the only one there sending up SBS smoke signals?

Sell and celebrate

Once you properly prepare for Small Business Saturday, then the only thing left to do is make lots of sales and celebrate the big day. Be grateful to those who come out to support local businesses and encourage them to visit your neighbors after they’ve finished shopping at your place. Take it all in and embrace the spirit of SBS!

Well, that about does it. Now you’re an expert on how to prepare your business for Small Business Saturday. Delight your return customers, make a few new ones along the way, and have as much fun with it as you can. Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity for your company to really shine on the local scene!

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