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How to Handle Rude Callers


Knowing how to handle rude callers will make your life easier and will also improve the customer experience.

image of a rude caller that inspired the piece on how to handle rude callers

Whether it is in our professional or personal lives, we have all had to deal with a rude caller in one way or another. Some people even get to encounter them on the regular. I’m here to provide you with some tips on how to keep your cool when the other end of the line seems to be getting pretty heated so you know how to handle rude callers.

1. It  isn’t  personal!
The caller may be mad about their bill, their service or their life in general. But statistically speaking, it most likely isn’t you specifically causing their blood to boil or their matching tone either. So, the first step in how to handle rude callers is just to remember, it’s not you they’re mad at even though the anger may pointed in your direction.

2. Get to the Root.
Try to find out what is really making them upset. Could fixing this problem only place a Band-Aid on a leak rather than fix that entire issue, therefore causing them to call back possibly even more upset? One of the most important things to do when it comes to how to handle rude callers is digging in and finding the true source of their frustration.

3. Talk them down.
By providing a soothing tone, you can begin to fix and heal whatever it was that may have caused them to be upset in the first place. Remember, how you speak is just as important as your words when it comes to how to handle rude callers.

4. Provide a solution or next step.
Always do what you can to provide a solution to their issue. This can re-establish trust within your company and you. If you are unable to provide a solution, make sure you can provide a next step to put them on the right path to a solution. Progress is key.

5. Never let them see (hear) you sweat.
When someone is being rude to you on the phone, then that is the perfect opportunity to provide excellent customer service by keeping your voice calm and clear. Remain in control of the situation and refuse to become frazzled.

Handling a rude caller isn’t the easiest, but it comes with the territory for many jobs. By following these tips on how to handle rude callers, you can definitely hold your own and even turn a difficult situation into a successful encounter. Be sure to do everything you can to avoid any further issues as well! Only you can prevent forest fires, and rude callers alike.

Later on we will dive deeper into providing good customer service by getting to the root of an issue to help us all avoid rude callers or creating them.



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