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How to Conduct a Video Conference Meeting


These days it’s easier than ever to have a meeting with people from around the globe without ever having to leave your home or office. Follow these steps and you’ll know just how to conduct a video conference meeting!

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Lights, camera, action!  It’s just about that easy to conduct  a video conference meeting. Whether you are doing a video conference with a client in another city or a partner on the other side of the world, these types of meetings are a great way to bring people together and get things accomplished. First, find the best video conferencing service that fits your needs.

Then before you ever begin a meeting, it’s crucial to make sure you have gone through the steps of preparing for a video conference. After all, if you fail to prepare then you are preparing to fail, and nobody appreciates a bad video conference meeting. Once your preparation is complete, there are several things you must focus on so that business activity during the meeting is conducted properly. Follow these steps and you’ll know just how to conduct a video conference meeting…

Say “Hello!” – Allow everyone on the team to introduce themselves. Have team members state their name and their position within the company. Your guests will then naturally do the same.

Sit up – Most folks have a tendency to slouch in their chairs during meetings. It is important, especially to a video conference, that everyone sit up straight to put forth a good presence. It can be hard to see people when they are slouching. Additionally, slouching affects people’s ability to project their voices properly.

Don’t look around the room – Staring at the clock on the wall or texting during a video conference can be a big distraction to the activity. Plus it is rude to the other attendees, because it makes them feel that they are not the primary focus. Keep your eyes on the camera and put your cell phone away if possible.

Don’t whisper – Try not to whisper to others in the room quietly during the meeting. This is a distraction and makes others not feel included.

Tiny Movements – Folks on a video conference want to see your eyes and your face. They don’t want to see big sweeping gestures with your hands and upper body. Keep hand gestures to a minimum.

Don’t be flashy – No need to wear rainbow colored suspenders and a clown wig to get attention. Just keep your dress business casual. If you are conducting a video conference meeting from home then you might not even have to wear pants!

Pause before speaking – There can be a slight delay with video conferencing, so wait just a few seconds after someone finishes speaking before you start to speak. This will help you avoid talking over each other.

Don’t eat – Not a good idea at a video conference. Especially when your lunch consists of ribs, chicken wings, spaghetti, or powdered doughnuts. Just don’t eat at video meetings.

If you follow these simple steps during a video conference meeting, you are sure to move through your agenda quickly, efficiently, and professionally. At my company, Sound Telecom, we use video conferencing on a weekly basis to conduct sales meetings with our remote offices, from time to time with our vendors, and occasionally with customers. We have found these techniques to be immensely helpful in conducting important business and now you should have no problem pulling off successful video conference meetings.

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