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How to Add a Nice Personal Touch to Your Answering Service

Whether you’re leading a startup or an already developed business, treating your callers with respect is one sure way to grow and flourish. Here’s how you can add a nice personal touch with your answering service.

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Editor’s Note: The post was submitted by guest blogger, Samantha Black. Enjoy!

Among the many different tips and tricks about how to improve your business you can read online or hear from your friends, this one may be the least demanding and most effective simultaneously. An average consumer is tired of communicating via faceless messages and invisible people – they need a pleasant service that’s provided by fellow humans.

Remember, the  great thing about placing additional effort in your answering service that I’d like to emphasize is that it fits any budget, so you’ll just have to work on developing your skills. Here are three areas you can work to improve and add a nice personal touch.

Mind Your Manners

The customer service statistics are in and reports show that over 60% of consumers have ceased doing business with a company and opted to use a competitive organization  because of poor customer service.

Losing work and practically denying money because of a lack of attention is a very bad reason to go bankrupt. The simple fact is that people respond to politeness because it implies good intentions. Changing your tone from dull to welcoming, saying “hello” and “thanks” and listening to what they have to say attentively is the way to go.

Clear Company Message

It’s in human nature to pin a lot of characteristics to the first impression intuitively, no matter how vague or wrong it is, and this is something you should use to your advantage. Answering a call after the first ring and greeting each new caller with the same enthusiasm and honesty will help out a lot, and it’ll create a base of loyal customers who will not want to trade you for another.

Image of a group of people discussing their company's brandingConsider customizing the greeting your answering service uses by  including your brand name and your company’s motto. Along with having a desire to help out your clients and customers, you should also use this opportunity to build brand recognition. For this to work out, my suggestion is to have someone experienced to do the research for you, especially if your business isn’t anywhere near its marketing stage, and help you decide about the best version of the greeting message.

Availability Is a Must

Having a technical problem you can’t solve is frustrating by itself, but calling an answering service that exists to serve that single purpose and not having them answer your questions is even more annoying – I’m sure you’ve had similar problems at least once in your life.

Although a lot of serious businesses provide 24/7 customer service, and that is what you should strive towards, being a smaller business and introducing night shifts just for the sake of answering calls may be challenging. In that case, your answering service is the perfect solution for expanding your customer service hours in a cost effective manner.

As your business grows, you should have more and more people dealing with your customer service section so that you can have every caller showered with the same amount of attention. The fact is that people answer to politeness with politeness, and you can be sure that your effort won’t go unnoticed.

About the author: Samantha is a content writer and developer at BackOfficePro. She’s a down to earth person that loves to laugh and explore thoughts through enthusiastic writing. Some of her areas of expertise include the latest technology trends, news events, and case studies.

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