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How an After Hours Call Service can Boost Your Business

How many calls is your business missing after you leave for the day? An after hours phone service ensures that you never miss another call or opportunity.

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Did you know that your business is losing more than two thirds of its calls by using voicemail?  Many studies have been done to see how callers react to reaching a business voicemail. Most reports  reveal that at least 70% of callers will hang up as soon as they reach a voicemail box. When you use an after hours call service, a live  receptionist will answer your company’s calls, and you will no longer have this issue.

What do many of the people who reach a business voicemail do after they hang up? Regardless of if they left a message or not (most likely not), many people will dial a competitor. Whether it is a pressing need or they don’t have a better time to take care of their issue, people will dial until they reach a live person that can assist them and ensure that they are being taken care of.

Missed calls are missed opportunities. When people call your company, they are generally either existing clients presenting you with an opportunity to provide great customer service (the kind they review favorably and tell their friends about) or you get that chance to bring on a new client who is interested in your products/services. It would be a shame to not provide good customer support or lose new business just because there isn’t a live person available to answer the phone when it rings.

A highly-trained  remote receptionist will not only fill this role but also provide valuable intake and screening services so that you have the information you need when you make a callback, if necessary. Many times, the phone secretary is able to provide answers to caller questions, help them schedule an appointment, or even assist with making an order. Cases like these may not even require your attention, but your caller has received the attention they wanted.

If the nature of the call is something stressful, (related to money, health, home issues, legal matters, etc.) it’s impossible for an automated system or voicemail to deliver even close to the same customer experience that a well-trained agent can provide. When a caller has someone on the other end of the line to speak with, they feel heard and like they are a priority. We all feel better when there is another person there to empathize and calmly attend to our needs if we are experiencing difficulties. Telephone conversations handled by a professional call service leave a good impression  of the business.

When it comes to after hours phone call services, businesses considering using them often wonder it it’s worth it from a cost standpoint. And rightfully so. It is a business after all, so the return on investment has to make sense. Well, one of the great things about a call service is that you only pay for the time that receptionists spend on the phone with your callers. You’ve never had an employee with that much efficiency! If you are paying a staff member to take these calls, this is much more costly in terms of wages, taxes, and benefits. Ignoring after hour calls completely often results in missed opportunities to add new clients and reduced customer retention rates, so partnering with a phone answering service is actually an incredibly beneficial move for your business that can help it grow.

Does this sound like a fit for your company? Do you want to be able to respond to your customers no matter when they call and build long-lasting client relationships all in an incredibly cost-effective manner? If so, then an after hours call service is probably right for you. Contact us today to learn more about our customized phone call services!

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