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Getting Your Office Ready for Spring!


Welcome to spring! The flowers are beginning to bloom and life is prepared to emerge renewed. This is the perfect opportunity to get your office ready for spring and refresh your approach towards the important things.

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Spring is now upon us and with that comes a new beginning. Of course we have Mother Nature’s regrowth to experience, but what can be done for the office to start things new and fresh? Follow these tips and you can start anew and get ready for growth.

1. Spring cleaning! You want to get your office space squared away. Those computer boxes you set aside? Take care of it! That empty cubicle pod in the corner, dust it and get it ready for all those new employees you’ll be hiring from all this growth! How about those windows? Have they been wiped down recently? And when was the last time the internal components of your computers were cleaned out?

Cleaning the office can bring a refreshed feeling to everyone. This light ambiance can help increase productivity, and the act of cleaning may provide an excellent opportunity for possible team building.

2. Rise with the morning sun! No, that doesn’t mean you have to get up at dawn. Instead, bring yourself to rise to the occasion with your duties in the office and go above and beyond the tasks presented to you. You can lead by example and watch the inspiration spread to the rest of your office. This may also help with productivity just like spring cleaning, as well as provide an excellent example of how hard you are willing to work to help your company grow.

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3. Renew your outlook! Perhaps it’s a good time to change your perspective or make some of those needed edits to your New Year’s resolution. Refocusing on what is important for you and for the company is always crucial for growth, and spring time is the perfect opportunity to do so.

As I am sure it’s quite clear, spring is a time for new and fresh ideas; a time to rid ourselves of what may be holding us back or cluttering our thoughts. Shake off the winter bite and stand in the sun. The time for renewed vigor and all-around growth is here!



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About Dylan Snodgrass

Dylan is the Office Manager for Sound Telecom. He is responsible for providing excellent customer service for callers and clients while also taking care of the various needs around the Seattle headquarters. It is not uncommon to also find Dylan helping out with Human Resources, Accounting and Billing as necessary. Before joining the Sound Telecom team, Dylan worked with a large call center providing training for new agents. He also worked for a call center start-up for multiple years with duties ranging from Customer Service Representative to Team Lead Supervisor for a team of over twenty agents. When Dylan isn't helping manage the office, he is spending time enjoying video games, or playing board games with a local group in Seattle. The Emerald City always felt like home for Dylan while he was growing up an hour away in Bremerton, so when he finally moved over a year ago, he couldn't imagine living anywhere else!