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10 Awesome (and FREE) Online Classes for Small Business Owners


Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or a working professional looking to add another valuable skill to your repertoire, these free online classes are a great resource.

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Are you a small business owner who is looking to add another skill so you can enhance your company? Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to code or do some internet marketing so you can get your startup off the ground. Or perhaps you are looking to give your career a boost by adding another proficiency to your resume. Whatever your reason is, these free online classes are a great way to learn something new with whatever amount of time you’ve got available.

1. Fundamentals of Business Writing

From writing resumes and cover letters to business proposals and proper introductions, being able to express yourself in a clear, concise, and appropriate way is paramount to success. Get the confidence and skills to write professionally and be taken seriously in any situation

2. Fundamentals of Business Law

Knowing your rights and operating within the law is critical. Learn about business law principles, legal requirements, and taxation protocol.

3. Law and Entrepreneur

If you’re wanting to get your startup in gear, but feel bogged down by all the legal aspects, take this free online class that covers trademark/copyright law, patents, which entity you should choose to operate as, and intellectual property rights.

4. Make a Website

Your business pretty much has to have some sort of website or online presence.This three hour class will give you the basics to build your own website from scratch using popular CSS and HTML coding.

5. Intro to Java Programming

Java is used to create Android apps and build the back end of many websites. This is a great, free online class for those who don’t know much about Java programming, but would like to get a good foundation of knowledge.

6. Growth Strategies for Business

Anyone who owns a small business or is interested in starting their own company will benefit from this course that explores how to grow a business and what mistakes to avoid.

7. Online Advertising

How much should you be paying for online ads and how are they delivered? Learn about the major online advertising platforms, mobile search, and how to develop/measure a campaign.

8. Getting Started with Email Marketing

Learn to create an email marketing strategy, build solid email lists, distribute good content to the right people, and adhere by best practices in this free online class.

9. Beginner’s Guide to Image Editing in Photoshop

Basic Photoshop tools and techniques are covered in this course. You’ll learn how to resize, color correct, and remove unwanted parts of a photo in just an hour and a half!

10. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Build your confidence by developing those interpersonal skills that will get you through common encounters in the business world. Learn to identify the different negotiation phases and what to do in each one. You’ll also get comfortable with the framework for assessing and resolving conflict.

Hungry for more free online classes to develop your skills? Here are 45 free online classes you can take (and finish) by the end of the year.

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