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Free Calls on Your iPad

In my last blog, “SMS Messaging for iPad“, I told you how to make SMS messages using your iPad. Today I am going to share with you on how to use your iPad to make phone calls. Of course, since the iPad is not actually a phone, you will need an internet or 3G connection to make this possible.

I have found an app that allows you to multiple platforms for free. This app is called Truphone. Truphone is a VoiP application and uses the web to make phone calls bypassing cell phone carriers and traditional phone lines. Using Truphone, you are able to call other Truphone members, as well as Skype and Google Voice members as well, all free of charge. They also have plans that allow you to call mobile or landline phones for ridiculously low rates. The Truphone app uses the iPad’s built-in speakers and microphone to allow you to talk and listen to calls.

You will need to download the Truphone free app from the App Store. Once downloaded you will have the option to create a new account or login to an existing account if you already have a Truphone account. From there you will be taken through the steps to set up your account. You will need to add your email address so Truphone can send you an activation code. When you get to this part of the set up, enter this code. Also you must check the box that states that you agree that Truphone cannot be used for emergency calling. After clicking “Create” you will be directed to the Truphone application. Then you can begin making calls immediately.

Like I stated earlier, Truphone is not just limited to making free phone calls to other Truphone users, but it will also allow you to make free phone calls to Skype users and Google Voice users as well. This makes this app one of the best to make free phone calls using your iPad.

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