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My Final Blog Post


As my final week at Sound Telecom wraps up, I’ve been forced to write the obligatory final blog post…  I’m kidding!  I actually have been ruminating upon my experience here and how much I’ve grown as a young professional working in an office environment.

image of a woman walking awayBefore embarking upon this internship, I didn’t even realize how many copious forms of marketing exist and are used today.  It seemed to me that it was important to focus on one type of marketing and excel within that particular space.  However, I now have a more informed understanding of how important it is to keep an open mind and be willing to quickly make tactical changes in your plans as necessary. While the field often requires a marketer to become an expert in a particular type of marketing, it’s important to learn and employ multiple types of marketing in your marketing strategy.

I’m sure many people will agree that the best way to gain knowledge and understanding of a field is unequivocally through work experience.  I had experience with personal social media accounts and had a pretty intuitive understanding of all the different platforms, as most people my age do.  But managing company accounts is obviously a very different ballgame.  Evidently I knew not to use profanity and to use proper grammar on our company accounts, but there were many factors I learned to be aware of, through trial and error.  And maybe a couple more errors.  Even if I’m queuing up twenty posts, I have to carefully craft each one because they’ll stand independently as a small representation of the company.

There are many other things I’ve learned about marketing and the telecom industry, but they’ll all just highlight one bigger aspect: my personal growth and philosophy.  I feel like I have direction in terms of my career, but I know I still have many things to learn.  I realize it’s important to continue questioning and remaining eager to learn.  The importance of curiosity and keeping an open mind transcends all industries and ages.  No matter how much experience a person has, she must remember that she may not always have the best answer and can still learn from others.  Industries and business change, and I have to continue adapting and growing with them.

I’m now ready to take on the challenges of a new position and learn other forms of marketing.  Thank you, Andrew, for guiding me along the way but also for allowing me to work independently and resolve issues on my own.  And thank you to everyone else at Sound Telecom for making me feel comfortable and for having reinforced a great working experience.

Editor’s note: It has been our privileged to spend the last few months with Jessica. We are very excited for her as she moves on and develops her career. She is going to be awesome in all future endeavors and we are proud to say she got her start with us. Jess, thanks so much for everything and best of luck to you!



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About Jessica Truong

Jessica is the marketing intern for Sound Telecom.  Born and raised in San Francisco, she was looking for an adventure in a different terrain and decided to attend Seattle University where she received her degree in English Literature.  She brings critical thinking, writing, and researching skills that she developed from her major to the company.  In college, she also served on the executive board for the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and participated in various cultural clubs and performances.  When she is not working, she enjoys cooking, baking, hiking and pretty much any opportunity to be out in the sun.  She is excited to learn as much as she can at Sound Telecom and hopes the company views her participation auspiciously.