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Does an Outsourced Call Center Make Sense for My Company?

It makes sense for many companies to take advantage of outsourcing in the form of a specialized call center partner. Let’s find out if your business is one of them.

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When the phone starts ringing off the hook,  many business owners turn to call centers for help. In fact, industry analysts project the U.S. contact center industry to continue steady growth in the coming years as more and more businesses turn to outsourcing and leveraging the specific skill set of US based call centers. Well-implemented call center services give businesses a competitive advantage, help them cut costs, streamline their workflows, and ultimately achieve more success.

Yet call center popularity doesn’t mean the solution will work for you. To help with this significant decision, the most important consideration points are discussed below.


Once hired, an outsourced call center becomes your main customer contact point, which allows you to focus on running your business. In addition to handling the inbound call volume, some   centers also offer outbound services such as appointment setting, sales/lead generation calls, phone surveys, and post-purchase outreach.

The Do-It-Yourself approach through your own in-house staff or voicemail may seem to be more cost-effective and provide more immediate understanding of customer sentiment. However, it also involves significant work, requires huge  upfront investments, and adds an extra stress layer.


Successful call centers ensure coverage up to 24/7/365, provide real people for customers to speak with as opposed to anything automated, and keep you up-to-date with regular activity reports and analytics.

Unfortunately, the larger, global call centers tend to be more expensive. Those offering the cheapest rates likely will  not answer calls in a timely manner, handle inquiries expediently, or satisfy customer requests. You need to strike a balance.

Context Sensitivity

Are your calls simple name/number/message, purchase orders or password reset requests? Or are they more complex where the customer needs to provide context or additional information (i.e. order status, customization, etc.)? Analyzing your call trends and average duration will help to provide insight and indicate whether you need to continue to keep these calls with your highly trained, internal agents or outsource more of the general services, inquiries, etc.

The Decision

Outsourcing is often easier than setting up an in-house solution. Still, you should analyze the performance and portfolios of multiple companies; review metrics like call handling times and percent of calls answered within 18 seconds; get multiple quotes for your desired service level; etc.

In the end, you’ll probably find that an outsourced call center solution will add more value for your business and help improve your customer’s experience! If you’d like to learn how a customized outsourced call center plan can help your company improve and succeed, contact us today for a free consultation. Your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner!

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