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Delegate: The Most Important Thing You Can Do as a Small Business Owner

Trying to do everything yourself is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your small business. Delegating certain tasks is key to success as a small business owner.

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As a small business owner, it is important to know your own strengths and weaknesses. It’s equally important to know what resources are available to you, and when it is time for you to enlist some help. Understanding this is how you effectively assign responsibilities to the right team members and service providers or outsourcing partners so you can achieve the best results possible.

However, it isn’t always easy to delegate tasks that you’ve become accustomed to handling yourself. Perhaps you’re worried that if you hand it over to someone that they won’t do it right. Or maybe you think that you might as well continue to do it yourself because you can get the task done in less time than it would take to train someone. Or worse, you might feel that you have too much on your plate to take the time to train anybody. These are all very common reasons why business owners fail to delegate tasks and responsibilities that could save them precious time in the long run.

It is necessary that you not let these excuses cloud your judgement and prevent you from making the critical decision to delegate responsibilities that could free you to create the business and life you’ve always wanted.

Why Delegating Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do as a Small Business Owner:

1. Reclaim Your Time:
The most valuable return on investment when it comes to delegating is recapturing your time. That time can be used to re-invest into your business in the areas that have needed you the most like planning, business strategy, business analyses, etc. Once you’ve delegated tasks that free you up so you can lay out the forward thinking your business needs to carry on successfully in the future, you can start to focus yourself on monitoring and management, and finally be able to rededicate some of that valuable time back on life at home.

2. Enable Learning & Growth Opportunities Through Increased Responsibility:
Your team members and service providers are first and foremost there to help you run your business the way you want. The best way you can help your resources develop is by providing them more responsibility to be accountable for. This can create a deeper sense of ownership for the task and even stretch the budget you have assigned to the resource to go farther than it was before. This can free you up to execute on strategies from a higher level of perspective than you could when you were elbows deep in the details.

3. Enable Resources To Provide Faster, More Efficient Solutions:
If you enable your employees and service providers with the information, training and authority to make decisions live while working on challenges, they will be able to handle and resolve issues more efficiently than you were able to do alone. This has a multiplier effect that improves the overall efficiency of a company so it can deliver significantly better results as a whole, which can quickly impact production, sales and profit.

Freeing yourself up to manage your company from the top down should be more than a goal: it should be your mission. Choosing the right team and set of service providers is key to your mission’s success. Sound Telecom has been developing phone answering service solutions for more than 30 years that are specifically designed to serve small business owners on this same mission.

Contact us today and receive a free consultation where we can discuss your requirements and how easy/affordable it is to delegate your inbound customer calls to our experienced virtual receptionists. We are ready to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and free you up to help your business thrive.

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