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The Suite Life: Considerations when Sharing an Office Building


If your business shares an office building with other companies, there are some things you should keep in mind.

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Business buildings with different companies, offices, and suites bring a whole new dimension to office existence. It isn’t necessarily a battlefield out there in terms of office politics like it can be in your own office, but it is still a dance. Each building can be different with various types of business within it. A Law firm shares a hallway with a Union office while a Construction company shares a corridor with a Marketing firm. Different dynamics can all bring interesting twists to the pot that shouldn’t be overlooked.

With a few tips you can learn the dance of multi-office existence and how best to keep your company and other companies happy.

  • First, you should check to see if there is anything within the wiring, structure, and piping of your own office that could impact other offices, and can only be accessed from your office such as AC Units, Circuit Breakers or plumbing pipe lines. At times, you will have vendors or repair personnel entering your office to fix an issue that may not be impacting your office directly. Being aware of how best to help in these situations can be vital for the repair process and for your relationship with the other businesses. For example, if another office has their electricity go out and their breaker is in your closet, make sure they have easy access to it.
  • Another thing to be aware of is how utilities are paid for. Does the landlord split everything between the tenants evenly? Or do they divvy things up based on the usage each company has? Just like any renting/subletting situation, the last thing anyone wants is an unexpected bill. Remember, if you have an electric car you feel like charging at work, make sure everyone else isn’t footing your energy bill.
  • Try to understand that company growth within a building can happen. The Printing Company down the hall may have just bought out the entire 3rd floor. Be aware of your contract guidelines with your landlord/owner and know how you can keep your office protected so you don’t get booted out and get left hanging to find another place in a hurry.
  • Parking spaces can become a point of contention real quick. Abide by the parking rules set up by your building, because there is no reason to go stepping (or parking) on anyone’s toes.
  • In the event there is an emergency, know which procedures to follow so you aren’t messing things up for everyone else and potentially endangering the people you work with.

Keep these considerations in mind and you’ll enjoy a more stress-free relationship with those you share an office building with. Next time, I’ll discuss some of the benefits of sharing an office building with other companies.



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