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5 Companies That Rock Their Customer Service


A common trait among some of the most successful companies is their dedication to customer service. Here are a few businesses that we can learn from.

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Technology has given consumers more choices than ever before. In most cases, people are no longer confined to one or two local options when they are going to spend money on a product or service. Instead, they have a vast array of choices for who to give their money to at their finger tips thanks to the power of the internet.

For businesses, it is great to have the power to be able to offer your product/service to a larger audience. However, as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Providing stellar customer service is now more important than ever. If customers aren’t pleased with their experience it is extremely easy for them to opt to spend their money somewhere else. Additionally, it’s super easy for them to spread word of their poor customer service experience via online reviews.

There are so many different ways that companies have to be prepared to deliver great customer service too. In person and on the phone aren’t the only ways of interacting with customers anymore. Email, social media, and online chat must also be closely monitored. (Luckily, an answering service is a great way to provide solid customer service on the phone front.)

With so much attention that must be paid to such a vital part of your business, it can be tough to provide a well-rounded customer experience. Here are five companies that are doing a great job with customer service that we can all learn from.


Check any list of top companies for customer service and Amazon will likely be on top. This online retail giant may not be dropping packages off at your doorstep with drones yet, but they have always been and promise to continue being a leader in customer service. From free shipping offers and automated refunds if service standards are not met to price guarantees and a hassle-free shopping experience, Amazon is legendary when it comes to customer service.


It’s not often that you’ll find any fast food chains on any top customer service lists, but if you do, it will be Chick-fil-A. This restaurant understands that their big fans are their best source of advertising, so they go out of their way to connect with their customers. If you’ve got over 40 consecutive years of growth under your belt then you must be doing customer service right.


By giving their employees great benefits, Costco has been able to take their pick of outstanding candidates who are lining up to work at this wholesaler. Not only do shoppers love all the free samples available, but the quality, range, and price of products is a huge draw too. Costco’s elite customer service is fully on display with their fantastic return policy. Customers never have to get stuck with bad produce or faulty electronics even if they can’t find their receipt.


The people at Marriott are firm believers that the little things matter. Their attention to care and detail results in crazy high satisfaction scores from year to year. They are dedicated to rewarding repeat customers and they have even been known to have door attendants who provide transportation for the homeless to local shelters. Caring about and prioritizing people will always make you a winner at customer service.

Trader Joe’s

This grocery store gives employees a stake in their company which is incentive for everyone to be as friendly and helpful as possible. Trader Joe’s carries local goods that have been requested by shoppers and they keep prices as friendly as possible. Wondering which bottle of wine will go well with your dinner? Just ask their wine expert! Now that’s customer service you can drink to!

This diverse group of companies prove that anyone can be a customer service hero. Interested in upgrading the customer experience your business offers? Call us and ask how we can help!

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