Malware and Your Business

Computer viruses can tear your business apart, so learn how to protect yourself and your company. Malware can be a killer for a company if not carefully monitored. Once a virus is on your network it could infect multiple computers and servers rather than just reside on the computer that received the

Setting up Computers for Business

What are the steps involved with setting up computers for business? This all depends on what type of set up you have? Are they all networked together? Are they a stand alone machines? Are they in a terminal server environment? Most small businesses will use a stand alone system where each computer

Purchasing a Computer: Part 2

In “Purchasing a New Computer: Part 1” we have come up with an idea of what we want in a new computer, and now we are in the store looking at all the holiday specials as we continue our journey in purchasing a computer. So, there you are in the store with loads of options for purchasing a
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