Quality Call Handling Does Not Stop When The Call Ends

Telephone Answering Services and Call Centers are in the business of branding your business.  They accomplish this by delivering Quality Call Handling. What is Quality Call Handling? It means answering your phones with professional, courteous, and friendly people, listening and understanding what

A Call Center Agent’s Guide to Handling Calls from the Elderly

  Speaking with elderly people on the phone can provide unique challenges. Call center agents must be prepared to handle these encounters with extra care and understanding. Working with the elderly can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a dispatch operator.  In my own experience, elderly

The Benefits of Quality Call Monitoring

  We make a habit out of monitoring calls, which has many benefits for us and our customers! In an earlier blog titled, “Monitoring, a Necessity for Quality Service” I discuss the importance of monitoring.  As a call monitor, I have two primary goals in mind.  One is to ensure we are providing