Silent Night: Can my answering service handle calls from non-verbal callers?

A good answering service should be able to take calls from people who are unable to speak and help them as they would any other caller. Some medical and hospice care facilities help patients that are considered "non-verbal." A non-verbal patient is one that can understand spoken language but cannot

What makes a Call Center Super-Agent Super?

At Sound Telecom, we recognize some of our call center staff with the Super-Agent Award throughout the year. What does it take to become a Super-Agent? Here's what goes into it. The cape helps, but supersonic hearing is a must. They have the ability to leap problems in a single bound and obliterate

Your Telephone Answering Service and Hold Time

  It's important to understand how your answering service handles hold time. Are your callers waiting longer than they should? Nobody likes to have their calls put on hold but it does happen. Sometimes it's only for a moment, but other times it can seem like forever. So what are the different