What’s a Normal Ratio of Messages Left to Total Calls with an Answering Service?

  Once you make the decision to use an answering service, you more or less know how many calls they will be taking. But how many messages should your answering service be delivering to you? You are considering getting an answering service but you ask yourself, "How many more messages will people

Is My Company Too Small For An Answering Service?

  Some people wonder if their company is too small for an answering service. The truth is that sometimes the smaller your business is, the more help an answering service can be. "Is my company too small for an answering service?" Have you  asked yourself this question before because you think

The 3 Most Effective Responses Your Answering Service Can Provide

  When someone calls your business and gets your answering service, do they know what to say to provide the most effective customer service experience? Consider these three scripting suggestions... A number of our customers have emailed or called us asking, "What is the best kind of response

5 Ways to Get Your Answering Service to Handle Calls More Efficiently

  If your answering service bills on a per-minute basis, here are a few ways you can get them to handle calls more efficiently and thus keep your cost at a minimum. If you hire an answering service to assist you with your important calls, you will generally want your chosen vendor to provide