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Can I Get an International Toll Free Number?

Plenty of business owners need to take calls from foreign countries. So is it possible to get an international toll free number for callers to use?

Image of a world map depicting calls made with an international toll free number

With the rise in global business, it’s no surprise that we have been asked more and more frequently by people if they are able to get a toll free number that is accessible from a foreign country. So, is there such a thing?


There are services readily available now that are called ITFS numbers. ITFS stands for “International Toll Free Service.” So many businesses today have customers on a global basis that an ITFS just makes sense. Customers in Europe, Asia, South America and beyond can easily call you toll free using a number like this.

These days, most ITFS numbers   come with advanced routing features such as:

  • Call forwarding
  • Time of day routing
  • Call redirection
  • Call recording and call data capture
  • No long-term commitments
  • Affordable monthly rates and per-minute pricing

Essentially, a customer in Germany can pick up the phone, dial a toll-free number and be immediately routed to your existing landline, cell or office PBX system. Business owners today are increasingly choosing to use toll free and ITFS numbers, because it is easier for their international customers to reach them. Dialing internationally can often be a hassle and somewhat expensive. Now customers can call your business at no cost to them.

Providing your callers with an option like this to contact you quickly establishes your business as a credible company with a dedication to customer service.

For more information about getting your own international toll free number  and any other questions about  toll free services, please  contact us today.

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