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Call Center Reporting – Are your reports up to date?

Do you compile and send your customers reports on a regular basis?  Certainly you do!  Reporting has become one of the primary functions of people at all levels of the organization.  We provide reports to our customers (both internal and external) hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, on-demand, and on and on …  We slice and dice raw data using our SQL databases and Excel spreadsheets.  We track and we trend; we average, add, calculate and summarize.  But when was the last time you slowed down your report generation process enough to ask yourself whether all of this information is actually accomplishing its primary objective?  Are you adding value?!  When was the last time you stopped and actually looked at you reports and the information contained within.  They’ve been compiled, massaged, generated and circulated for weeks, months, years.  Do they still add value to the people you are sending them to (your end customer)?  Would your customer miss them if you didn’t send it out next week?  How have the relationships, correlations and dynamics of the data contained within your reports changed over these past weeks, months and years?  These are the type of key questions you should be asking yourself on a regular basis.  Use it as an opportunity to talk with your end customer(s).  Ask how they utilize these reports.   Ask how this information helps them advance their primary business objectives.  Ask what other information you are currently providing has outlived its usefulness.  Then, strive to make regular recommendations for on-going tweaks and enhancements to your reports; after all, you’re the subject matter expert.

If you are not doing this regularly with all of your end customers; if you are not providing your customer(s) with good, decision making data, you are not adding value — you are simply pushing paper and ‘dumping data’!  In today’s business climate we all have far too much information presented to us in multiple forms and formats all day long.  We should not have to invest any of our hard earned time to sort the wheat from the chaff — good decision making data from erroneous, outdated reports!



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About John Dubay

As Director of Operations, John Dubay is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Sound Telecom's multiple service delivery centers and for ensuring the highest levels of service, support, quality and value for Sound Telecom's many clients. John brings 20+ years of experience in client services, account management and operations management with outsourced BPO and customer service organizations worldwide to Sound Telecom. His ability to leverage previous experiences in multiple industry verticals and successes in the consistent management and delivery of client specific operational metrics adds value to both Sound Telecom and our diverse client base. John earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington State University where he studied business administration, international business and economics.