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Why We Blog

We recently brought a few members of the Sound Telecom crew onto the blog team. I thought it was important to explain to them why we blog so that they knew exactly what their efforts were contributing to. Here are a few snippets of what I told the new bloggers.

“Why do we blog? The real reason behind why we blog is NOT to get our site ranked higher in search engines. It is NOT to load up pages with keywords and give Google stuff to crawl all over. And it is NOT a place to link back to ourselves 83 times per post. While it may accomplish some of that SEO stuff anyway, what our blog really is happens to be something that I consider to be far more important than that.

The Sound Telecom Blog is a resource for people. It is intended to be meaningful, helpful, and relevant. That is why we blog.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to let those search engines think our blog is for them, but in reality, this blog is all about putting good information in front of people who need it. And it doesn’t stop there. It is a blog for people, by people. We don’t want all this great info that we are putting out there to look like it’s from a faceless corporation or anonymous company. No, we want it to have personality and for each blogger to be the face of it. We want to focus on our readers by writing what we know about in order to help them. Each of us is an expert in our field of work and we are going to develop into subject authorities that folks can turn to for answers, ideas, and support. It is good for our blogs be creative outlets too, and just because it is a business blog, we shouldn’t ever be afraid to let our personality shine through it. Using what we know to help people, that is why we blog.

Why not learn some things as we go and have a little fun with it? If there is something we want to know more about, we can research it and share our findings in a post. Do yourself a favor and find some great blogs out there that might have similar content to what you will be writing. Check it out, get your mind turning, borrow some ideas that lubricate your writing gears, and don’t forget to reference that blog when you write up your own. Creating/facilitating an online community and giving credit where it is due, that is why we blog.”

If you are reading this post, it was written with you in mind. Check out some of the other great content that our amazing people have written for you. Whether you are shopping for an answering service, love a great customer service story, are having IT issues, or want some inspiration, the content here is all for you. That is why we blog.



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