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Best of the 2015 Sound Telecom Blog


2015 was another year of growth and success for the Sound Telecom Blog. So what were some of the most popular posts that everyone was reading?

Image of fireworks celebrating the best of the 2015 Sound Telecom Blog

As we eagerly look forward to 2016, we thought we would take a moment to look back over some of the successful blog posts from 2015. This year featured the contributions of some new team members and even some fresh guest bloggers. All in all, it was another massively successful year for the Sound Telecom Blog and we look forward to more as we prepare for a new calendar.

8 Reasons Why USA Call Center Work Should Not Be Outsourced Overseas

This refurbished post was once again a success. It explores the downfalls that businesses experience when they opt to outsource call center functions overseas.

The Best Way to Organize Answering Service Call Logs

We did something wild this year and actually asked our customers what topics they wanted us to cover. Crazy, right? Well it turns out that the customer suggestion topics were some of the most widely read posts. Go figure. :)

How to Make a Telephone Answering Service Script

In order to set up a successful answering service program, you’ve got to nail the scripting. Fortunately, we have a great team of account programmers who are able to help in this department, but the more our customers know about scripting, the more they will get out of their answering service.

A Call Center Agent’s Guide to Handling Calls from the Elderly

Luke Thayer was one of our new contributors this year and he enlightened us with his perspective on speaking with elderly callers. Handling calls from people with hearing disabilities, different expectations, and unique circumstances requires a call center agent with a polished skill set.

5 Ways to Get Your Answering Service to Handle Calls More Efficiently

Who wouldn’t want to get the most out of their answering service? This post gives some tips to customers so that they can keep their accounts streamlined and their monthly bill as low as possible.

Reducing Neck and Back Strain from Office Work

Ally Mann was just one of our guest bloggers that made an appearance in 2015. Her expertise on ways to keep your neck and back healthy in the face of unfriendly working conditions was a very relevant piece for our blog considering the majority of our days are spent seated in front of a computer.

The Eye of the Service Tiger – Making Yourself Invaluable!

If you want to build a successful organization this post describes the kind of people you want to employ. Service Tigers are the sort of people who seriously take themselves and their companies to the next level.

4 Best Features of an Answering Service for Small Businesses

Small businesses have a lot on their plates. Many small business owners have discovered how much an answering service can help. This post outlines some of the not-so-obvious features of an answering service that small businesses can use to really give themselves a boost.

7 Significant Costs an Answering Service Can Help You Avoid

Not everybody realizes that an answering service saves companies massive amounts of money. This article explains several of the ways businesses are able to cut costs and save cash by working with a good answering service.

Thrive at Work: How to do More than Survive your Job

Not everybody loves their job and we all go through rough patches at work. Well, this blog post offers a piece of advice that can transform even the most seemingly lame job into something that you can be proud of.

Thanks for reading the Sound Telecom Blog this year. We promise more good stuff in 2016 and we look forward to writing for you! Happy new year!

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