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The Suite Life: The Benefits of Sharing an Office Building


Co-habitation of a business building can be very beneficial for all the companies and employees who reside within.

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We have previously discussed the considerations when sharing an office building with other businesses, but I think we should take a moment to focus on the benefits. So, what do we have to gain from our office neighbors and how can they help our company grow?

First and foremost, you could actually take on some of the companies in your building as customers! For example, you run a graphic design shop and your neighbors need a new sign out front. How much you want to bet they will look into doing business with you right next door? Or say your neighbors have a children’s day-care, how great would it be for you to have that available for you and your family? Being situated around other businesses opens the door to natural and convenient partnerships.

Secondly is exposure! One of the neighboring businesses has a client coming to visit. While the client roams through the building to reach your neighbor they notice your suite! Now they know who you are, where you are located, and maybe they need your services as well.

Third on our list is the cost effectiveness of sharing a building. We all know in today’s economy, having a roommate (or in this case building-mate) can be cost effective and useful when it comes to splitting the bills. Like I mentioned last week, you want to make sure you’re paying only your fair share, of course.

Fourth is to never underestimate the power of a fresh face. You spend eight to nine hours a day with your office-mates. And while they are hopefully all just the best co-workers you could ever ask for, isn’t it nice to spend a few minutes with someone different every now and then? So when you step away for a quick break, you can relax with someone new and fresh, and hear about how their day is going or what they have been up to. This can be rejuvenating and endearing! It can be a great way to get through a stressful day as well.

With so many large commercial buildings and likely many more on the way, someone needs to fill the void. Why not take advantage with your company and “bunk” up with some other businesses. When weighing the pros and cons of sharing a building with other businesses, you’d be surprised where the scales may tip.



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