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What is your company’s bad weather backup plan?

A lot has happened in the last week here in Colorado. We had rain that devastated the state and there was a lot of damage. I was lucky that we only had a little flooding in our basement, so the damage was not too bad. Our center was not impacted terribly either, and we were lucky to be able to keep things running smoothly.

Other parts of the state were not as lucky. As I watched the news I couldn’t help but think of the people who were impacted. The incident that occurred this last week made me realize that things can change from one day to another, and we cannot do anything to stop it. We also have no power over natural disasters, so it is important to have a bad weather backup plan.

Upon reflection, I realized that our company has helped a lot of big and small businesses get through some bad weather that maybe they were not expecting. At the beginning of the year, the East Coast was hit with a lot of snow and cold weather and our company helped others out of many jams. How? Well, let me tell you!

Some towing companies were overwhelmed with the amount of calls that they were receiving, because a lot of people were stuck on the roads due to the snow. These businesses had a higher call volume than normal and we were there 24/7 to help them take the calls.

In this recent Colorado storm we helped companies by also taking their calls when they were unable to make it into their place of work, or were overwhelmed by a large amount of calls.

If you are a big or small business, do you have a bad weather backup plan in the event of a natural disaster? Do you have someone that can take your calls when you are unable to? If you do not have someone that can take your calls at a moment’s notice, give us a call! Learn how we can be your backup plan in this world where anything can change from one moment to the next. You can’t afford not to have a bad weather backup plan.

If you do have a plan, share with us what it is, and maybe you can help others that are looking for ideas!



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About Neri Luria

Neri Luria joins the Sound Telecom Team as the Bilingual Services Manager. Neri oversees operations and sales in our Westminster, Colorado bilingual call center. Neri’s unique talents make her a perfect fit to manage our bilingual agent staff, develop and monitor call center performance, assist with translation and provide bilingual sales assistance. Prior to joining Sound Telecom, Neri refined her skill sets with companies including T-Mobile, Money Gram, and MCI. During her last eight years with T-Mobile she held positions in the financial department and worked with their business intelligence department as a Bilingual Quality Project Specialist. She enjoys coaching and developing representatives to provide excellent service across a diverse customer base. She lives in Denver with her family and is originally from California. Neri has previously volunteered at the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and other Christian organizations. She often translates for her father who is a minister in Denver, Colorado.