About Sydney Morgan Diamond

Sydney Morgan Diamond joined Sound Telecom in March 2008, bringing over 20 years of experience in financial management to the company. Her background includes CFO/controller positions in the real estate, construction and engineering, gaming, and service industries. As the corporate CFO/controller, Sydney oversees all financial and administrative service operations for Sound Telecom. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Brown University and her MBA from the University of Chicago. Sydney and her husband live in the Seattle metropolitan area and are avid supporters of several children’s organizations including First Place and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Thrive at Work: How to do More than Survive your Job

  We all have tough days at work. Sometimes it doesn't stop with a single 8 hour shift, but instead rolls over into a rough week or even a terrible month. However, hope remains to permanently remove yourself from a rut. And a call center CFO’s perspective is exactly what it's going to take to