About Cheryl LaBaw

Cheryl L. LaBaw joined Sound Telecom as Director of Customer Relations in 2012. She is responsible for maintaining a high standard of service quality through ongoing monitoring and coaching of our call center agents. Prior to her arrival at Sound Telecom, Cheryl invested over 31 years in the customer care and service areas with United Airlines. She brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas from her experiences there in addition to working over 13 years in their call center. Cheryl’s skills in conflict resolution and customer satisfaction make her an excellent addition to the management team. As a Flight Attendant and Safety Professional she provided a more personal touch to customer concerns and safety issues. Mrs. LaBaw is passionate about health issues and has served her community by volunteering at Swedish Medical Center for three years in the Community Health Education Department. She also supports various youth organizations and child health and welfare organizations.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude: The Importance of a Positive Attitude in a Call Center Environment

  Having a positive attitude in a call center, (as well as in life in general), makes all the difference. Here's what you can do to boost your attitude and increase your altitude in a call center or any work environment. Do you know someone that is  always negative, who has a complaint  about

The Word for the Day!

  The little things we do at work can have a big impact on our coworkers. I wear many hats at Sound Telecom  and during the course of the day I encounter all manner of situations.  Just the other day while conducting an exit interview, (one of the many duties I’m responsible for), I stumbled