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Are You Flushing Sales Opportunities Down the Drain?


Most businesses appreciate every good sales lead they get, yet so many are wasted. Is your company guilty of flushing good sales opportunities down the drain?

Image of water circling a drain like wasted sales opportunities

It’s pretty tough to stay in business if you aren’t making sales. And it’s difficult to makes sales if you aren’t getting leads. That makes sales leads a pretty crucial part of being a successful business. So why is it that many companies are choosing to flush sales opportunities down the drain like the don’t even care? Perhaps it’s because they don’t even know that they are doing it.

Look at it this way: What’s a surefire way to miss out on a sale and hand the business straight to your competitors? One certain method for achieving that  is by overlooking the way in which you are answering your phones. If you aren’t providing a professional experience for your callers, you are creating a poor impression of your business for them. Now that’s a pretty easy way to persuade them to look at other options.

Let’s take a quick minute to review a few of the ways companies give business to their competitors by neglecting to properly brand their phones:

  • Letting the phone ring too many times – the caller will hang up and move on to a competitor that cares enough to answer the phone on a timely basis.
  • Putting the call on hold too long – the caller will hang up and call a responsive competitor.
  • Sending the call to voicemail when a caller wants to talk to a person; they may hang-up and call a competitor – if you’re using voicemail, have you ever noticed the number of hang-ups or uncompleted calls? Yep that’s money flying out the door!
  • Answering a call on a cell phone when you’re somewhere noisy, distracted, busy with something else, or worse yet, in the bathroom – that’s a guaranteed way to flush business down the toilet.
  • Are your phones answered by Oscar the Grouch? If so, the caller often moves on to a company that handles its calls in a professional, courteous and friendly manner.

Here at Sound Telecom we focus daily on this area which  we call “branding your phones.” We are constantly studying and observing how  good and bad impressions are made through this primary and crucial customer/prospect conduit.

One of the best ways to make sure you aren’t flushing sales opportunities down the drain with a bad caller experience is by using a professional telephone answering service. They use highly trained agents and a customized approach to handling your account to provide  steadfast attention to branding your phones. This will greatly assist you in winning and retaining business, because how can you afford to flush sales opportunities down the drain?

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