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Answering Services Must be Ready for Your Big Game


Yes, the Seattle Seahawks squared off against the New England Patriots, but that’s not the “Big Game” we are here to discuss. Answering services need to be ready for YOUR Big Game.

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As a business, your Big Game, your moment in the spotlight, your time to shine, is a huge opportunity. It probably doesn’t involve a football, Katy Perry doing the halftime show, or multi-million dollar commercials. But that’s not what you are all about anyway. Ok, maybe you are all about Katy Perry, but we aren’t here to judge. Either way, your answering service has to be prepared to support you during your most prolific chance to be the best.

So what does that look like? Well, your Big Game can take form any number of ways. Maybe you are launching a new ad campaign that is going to generate more sales than ever before. Your answering service has to be prepared to help with overflow calls so you can capture every lead.

Perhaps Snowmageddon has brought your town to it’s knees and you are some sort of service company like a towing, HVAC, or plumbing business. So many cars in the ditch! The heat is busted and people are super chilly! Pipes are freezing and bursting! This is your Big Game where you play the hero and your answering service must have your back no matter what.

Are you a medical professional working in an area that is experiencing a measles outbreak? Get ready for the phones to blow up. Suddenly, everyone and their pet iguana thinks they have the measles and you’ve got to be ready to give everyone peace of mind while taking care of the people that actually need your help. This is when your medical answering service must step up and help you claim victory.

Big Game opportunities present themselves to businesses all the time. Sometimes you’re ready. Sometimes it comes by surprise. Whatever form your Big Game comes in, you need to be ready to never miss a sales opportunity, provide fantastic customer service, and be the champion in your community. Your answering service needs to be customized, flexible, and ready to roll with the punches to help you seize victory whenever you get the chance to rise to the occasion in your Big Game.

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